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Additional Recommended Reading for Parents and Coaches:


Mindset. I have recommended this book more than any other, and it will give you incredible insight into what makes your kids tick. GET THIS BOOK!

The Sports Gene is required reading for anyone who wants to understand the role of genetics in performance. It is well written, and full of fascinating stories and insight into innate talent and ability. Want to know why some atheltes improve faster than others, why some kids are more likely to excel at a certain sport than others? Then read this international bestseller.

The Talent Code is a fantastic synopsis of what goes into elite athletic performance. Dan Coyle delves into the necessity of deliberate training, the components of master coaching, and the environment that leads to elite performance. I loved this book!

The Messiah Method

The Messiah Method: If you want to know how to build a top notch culture of excellence in your program, then read The Messiah Method. This book examines Messiah College Men’s and Women’s Soccer, and the seven disciplines they instill year after year to win national championships and produce not only successful athletes, but better people. Every AD should buy this book for his/her coaches.

Raising Your Game: Sometimes it is best to simply hear straight from the horses mouth what it takes to achieve elite performance. In this great book, the authors interview over 100 professional athletes, and tell their stories. You will learn the important role of enjoyment, ownership, and multi-sport participation in eventually high-performance. A great read.

Practice Perfect: This is a book for those who want to become master coaches. Doug Lemov is one of the world’s leading teacher educators, and in this book he teaches coaches (whom are all teachers of course) 42 secrets of getting your message across so actual learning takes place. This changed the way I thought about coaching.

The Goldmine Effect: This is a great book that examines “talent goldmines” throughout the sporting world, such as African distance runners, Jamaican sprinters, Brazilian soccer players, and more. My big takeaway from this book: the problems we cause ourselves when we try to identify talent at very young ages. A very enjoyable read.

Leaders Eat Last is an essential read for coaches, parents and leaders of any organization or business. It examines the qualities that make successful teams and organizations function, work together, and create a culture of excellence. I love Simon Sinek, and I loved this book.

The Champions Mind is a great guide for athletes trying to develop the proper state of mind for high-achievement. Afremow has spent decades as a sports psychologist working with players from the NBA, NFL, NHL, PGA and numerous Olympians. This book will teach you how to get into the zone!

Wooden is the most recent, thorough examination of a man widely considered to be the greatest coach and teacher in any sport. What I loved? The fact that we remember Wooden far more for whom he became as a coach, than how he started out. It made me feel much better about my coaching journey.

Bruce Brown has been the most influential author and speaker I have seen on the topic of raising confident and high-performing athletes, as well as the role of parents in making that happen. He has given the talk in this DVD to over 250,000 parents, and it is a game changer.

Teaching Character Through Sport

Another great resource from Bruce Brown, Teaching Character Through Sports is a great resource for both coaches and parents about making sure that you are keeping perspective, and teaching the correct lessons through sports.